• Executive Collaboration Thought Leader VIP Status
  • FISMA Compliant Security Awareness Training Platform – 10 Users INFO
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, Banquets, Special Events, Full Refreshment Breaks
  • Full Access to all Sessions, Boardroom Meetings, Networking and Keynotes
  • Membership:  Post Event Access to Content and Presentations
  • Attendee Contact Information
  • Customized Itinerary

SPECIAL INCLUSION: 1-Time Phishing Assessment

  • Included in the delegate registration package at no additional cost.
  • The phishing assessment provided by ThreatSim will provide better insight into how susceptible your organization is to phishing attacks, and which phishing tactics are the most successful.


GS-15 and SES Leaders from Civilian, DoD, Military, and Intelligence Agencies and Departments including:

  • CIOs
  • CISOs
  • CTOs
  • CPOs
  • Deputies, Chiefs. Directors in Information Security, Cyber Security, Data Privacy, IT, EA, Systems and Networks, Lines of Business, Strategic and Capital Planning, and Acquisitions.

Getting Approval

Use the following strategies to show your leadership the ROI your organization will receive by having you attend GTRA and improve your chances of getting approval to participate in this important meeting.

  1. Align Topics to Specific Problems in your Office – Print off the agenda / topics and write down specific challenges your office is facing right now that specific sessions and topics in the GTRA curriculum will address. Explain that you will return from this meeting with ideas and solutions on how to address specific problems plaguing your organization.
  2.  Propose Knowledge Sharing & Training Upon your Return –   Promise to come back from GTRA and hold a workshop, brown-bag lunch session, or informal roundtable to share what you learned with your peers. Be sure to emphasize that many of the speakers you will meet at GTRA will likely be willing to conduct virtual or in-person training as well if requested so your presence at GTRA could identify free training resources for your company.
  3.  Remind Leadership of the Cost of a Breach – Breaches can cost you tens of millions of dollars. By making a small investment in GTRA, you will be able to identify the top threats to your organization as well as strategies to mitigate those threats, potentially saving your organization millions.
  4.  Propose a Post-GTRA Strategy – Tell management that once you come back from GTRA, you plan to propose recommendations on new technologies, processes, programs and strategies to improve your agency’s security posture to mitigate risk. Show them that this is not just time out of the office on the agency’s dime but an investment they are making in the future of the agency and in their employee.
  5.  Remind them that GTRA is not a Tradeshow or Conference – Most managers automatically think of a tradeshow when they hear anyone ask for approval to attend an event. Be sure to remind them that this is not a conference or a tradeshow, but a unique meeting where you will be collaborating with executive-level peers in workshops, roundtables, and interactive panels. Once they understand the true collaborative nature of this meeting where you are given the ability to ask questions and specify your organization’s specific needs and situation, they will view the investment differently.
  6.  Early Registration Discounts – The early bird gets the bird, and that is true with GTRA too. Be sure your manager knows that the longer the decision process waits, the higher the risk of prices rising or scholarships running out so a quick answer will ensure that the lowest price is received by you and your organization.