Harnessing Big Data to Improve Security Intelligence and Data Protection

Big Data represents a major opportunity for the public sector to become information-driven. A full view of data and processes can help agencies substantially cut costs, become more responsive to opportunities and threats, and improve mission outcomes. Yet as data and data usage proliferates, agency IT leaders are rightfully concerned about the ongoing management and compliance of this information. Moreover, IT leaders must protect data while broadening their security intelligence.

That’s why government organizations are exploring the capabilities of an enterprise data hub as a way to secure information, promote compliance, and actively defend their data and the network. Join Cloudera in a roundtable discussion to explore how an Apache Hadoop-powered
enterprise data hub:

  • Offers compliance-ready capabilities for FISMA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS regulations and internal mandates for all sensitive data, including unstructured data.
  • Provides fine-grained, role-based access controls to and comprehensive governance and auditing of all data and usage.
  • Grants unprecedented visibility, analysis, and agility to all business and mission data, aiding efforts like combating advanced persistent threats and counter-intelligence.
  • Presents scalable, cost-effective solutions for consolidation, storage, and analysis and gives decision makers the right tools and right data for effective outcomes without compromising security and compliance.

You can take advantage of big data without sacrificing the protection, governance, and oversight your mission and business requires.  Discover the insights, capabilities, and best practices needed to transform big data into an asset at your agency.