Continuous Diagnostics & Monitoring – How to Achieve Cyber Security Readiness

Is your agency coping with identifying and protecting against the constant barrage of sophisticated cyber threats, while at the same time, trying to improve your FISMA scores?


From reduced resources (budget, manpower and unified vision), to lack of an automated risk mitigation capabilities, these factors continue to impact civilian agency FISMA scores. The White House has emphasized the need for continuous monitoring since 2010. The CDM initiative funds participating Civilian agencies tools and services to implement a continuous monitoring solution that shores up the department/agency’s cyber security posture.


During this boardroom, we will discuss:

  • How CDM address the challenge of continuous vigilance against modern cyber threats, not only by keeping the nation’s infrastructure as resistant as possible to exploits, but also instantly detecting configuration drifts and vulnerabilities that may increase exposure to attack.
  • How BYOD security challenges may hamper agencies from achieving the CDM goals, and what steps they can take to ensure all devices are detected and protected.
  • How automated network security and endpoint compliance tools can help agencies achieve results needed to improve their FISMA controls.