Addressing Risk in an IoT World with NetIQ & Cisco Identity Powered Security

NetIQ and Cisco’s identity-powered solutions focus on the dynamic points of interaction between information, devices and peoplefrom network to cloud and from desktop to mobile device. Our solutions authorize, authenticate and monitor user access throughout the entire collaborative lifecycle, providing accountability and demonstration of compliance for the protection of your most critical data, while making users more productive and efficient.

NetIQ Sentinel provides security insight and intelligence based on the ability to consume and make sense of myriad system events. The more context to be applied, the greater the insight for IT Security to respond to potential threats or attacks in their environment. Applying ‘identity-based’ context is a central value proposition of Sentinel and NetIQ’s Identity-Powered Security approach. Consuming additional identity data that may be provided by Cisco ISE about a user’s device and location provided by ISE allows for faster detection and disruption of an attack in process.