InvisiJack- A Quantum Leap in RJ45 Copper Connectivity Speed, Reliability and Security

The RJ45 Interconnection System has become the most prolific connector system, and the connector of choice, for Network Switches and Servers supplied by all major Networking Companies. To bring this point home, 
it is estimated that the US Government alone supports over 50,000,000 ports, and this number is rising. As information and bandwidth requirements increase, the need for a faster, more reliable and secure RJ45 Connector Interface has become obvious…..welcome to the InvisiJack.  By combining the RJ45 package with high performance Differentially Balanced Strip-Line Flex Circuitry, not only does the InvisiJack (patented) meet or exceed all of the 
current data rates and frequencies being talked about today… provides a clear migration path and road map for even higher speeds in the future.

InvisiJack with integrated Strip-line Flex 

1. Is backwards compatible allowing for Refurbishment / Upgrade for older data systems making them much more affordable, to go  along with higher data rate speeds.

2. Offers significant power savings in Joules & Watts over conventional connectors and PCB’s.

3. Allows the RJ45 Jack to maintain its original footprint while enhancing the Jack’s ability to perform throughput at faster data rates with high reliability.

4. Eliminates the need for Magnetics and all their associated problems and costs.

5. Reduces PCB Costs – Creates more room on the PCB due to less components required for higher speeds and signal integrity isolation.

6. Eco System provides a Secure and Reliable Connection through the use of shielding techniques within the jack, PCB and cabling infrastructure.