2014 Theme: Data, Devices, People…and the Abyss: Overcoming Security’s Biggest Hurdles

SecureGOV Summit & Council Meeting Call for Speakers

The Security Council is in the process of developing the program for its upcoming Summit. If you are interested in participating in the program, and have insight to share on one or many of the below topics, please contact our Co-Founder & EVP of Research Parham Eftekhari at parhame@gtra.org.


Data Security

  • Assessments, Continuous Diagnostics and Monitoring in Big Data Scenarios
  • Avoiding the Top Critical Security Risks: Data Breaches and Data Loss
  • A Vital Success Factor: CDM
  • Ensuring Transparency and Information Sharing through Open Data
  • Proven Methods for Secure Data Migration & Storage


  • Status on the Current & Future Policies/Initiatives Including FISMA, ICAM and Others
  • Identity & Access Management: How to Best Manage Internal/External Users and Trust Relationships
  • Mitigating Risk through an Effective Continuous Monitoring Plan
  • Measuring Information Security: Metrics, Reporting, Intelligence Utilization, and Performance Outcomes

Identity and Access Management

  • Understanding Current Policies and Initiatives around I&AM
  • Strategies for Effectively Managing Internal Users and Trust Relationships
  • Understanding the Impact of Cloud Services on I&AM
  • Best Practices in I&AM in Mobility & BYOD

Mobile Security

  • Strategies for Garnering Buy-In for Funding and Support Imperatives
  • The BYOD Balancing Act: Device Security vs. User Optimization
  • Current State vs Future Necessities: Data Security, Authentication, Application Services, and Beyond
  • The Cultural Adaptations Needed for Building a Security-Minded Mobile Workforce

Cloud Security

  • A Vital Security Element of Cloud Computing: Access Management
  • Effectively Managing Data Migration, Storage, and Breach Risks
  • Understanding New Compliance & Regulatory Issues and Key Guidance Initiatives in Cloud Computing
  • Contract Considerations: Due Diligence, Managing Risks, Staying In Compliance, and Building Trust


  • Current and Future Privacy Oversight, Policies, and Compliance Considerations
  • Understanding Privacy Protection Objectives Delineated in Legislation
  • Strategically Developing Privacy Policies & Protections on the Front-End of IT Key Initiatives
  • Privacy Concerns Related to Social Networking, Mobility, and Open Government & Transparency


  • CIOs/CISOs as Strategic Players: Being More than the ‘Blackberry Guy/Gal’
  • Investment Prioritization: Resource Allocation, ROI, Development, Workforce
  • IT Security Resource Allocation in a Budget-Constrained Environment
  • Security in Key Innovation Initiatives: Evidence-Based Innovation Initiative, Data –Driven Innovation Fund, and the Role the Security Plays in All
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation that is Security-Savvy

IT Workforce Planning

  • Winning the War on IT Talent: Strategies for Acquiring and Retaining Top IT Talent
  • Training and Developing IT Workforce to Ensure Effective IT Project Management and Execution with Minimal Risk
  • Management Necessities in a New IT Culture Driven by High Threat Levels, Scarce IT Budgets, and a Managed-Services Model

Secure IT Supply Chain

  • Identifying & Securing Supply Chain Elements, Processes, Stakeholders
  • Limiting & Monitoring Access: Reducing the Risk of Exposure
  • Leveraging & Testing Defense Techniques for System Design
  • Securing Delivery Mechanisms – Both Physical & Logistical